Synofit Medium Plus - STRONG - 60 liquid soft-gel capsules
GLMax® Green-lipped mussel 200mg
Bio-CM100® Curcumin 40mg

Amazing relief for people who need joint support


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Unrestricted movement with an all-natural joint supplement that has it all :

Green-lipped mussel, omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, curcuminblack currant leaf extract, vitamins C + D, calcium

Contains the liquid Synofit formula
Easy to carry
✓ Shelf life: approximately 30 months
 Dosage: two capsules per day
 Price per day: 1,13 USD
No sweeteners or aroma

Synofit's unique and highly effective formula helps people around the world to maintain healthy, flexible joints. All ingredients are backed by scientific studies and are of the highest quality.

Synofit Joint Support is the only joint product that contains LIQUID green-lipped mussels. This separates Synofit from other products that only use extractions or low-grade mussel powders. 

If you want what is BEST for your joints, Synofit is THE product for you.

Synofit Joint Support instructions (PDF)


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