Your joints are crucial

The Importance of Your Joints

As you of course know, joints are integral to the musculoskeletal system. Your bones are there for support but without joints, there would be no movement. Our joints are incredibly import to us!

 Joints are often your weakest link!

Pain and stiffness can hinder your ability to live a full and active life.

 Joints are crucial to health


With all these joints in your body, it is extra important to be mindful of them!

Do you have joint complaints? You are not alone! Did you know:

  • Young people can have joint complaints too?
  • Lots of heavy and repetitive use can age your joints quicker than you yourself are aging?

But wait, there is good news!

When we age, our joints age with us. Depending on how we treat our bodies, they will either age faster or they will age slower. Joint complaints and dysfunction are also strongly influenced by a person's lifestyle.

How is that good news? 

This also means that a change in lifestyle may have a significant impact on your joint health!


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