Our story

Camiel Hofstee: “From my own experience, I am 100 percent convinced by Synofit.” – Managing Director & Management and Sales

“In 2009, I used Synofit for the first time. After only a short time, it had a positive effect. After I used Synofit, I recommended it in my inner circle of acquaintances. They were also pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic. My biggest wish was to make Synofit available to a large audience, so everyone can enjoy the positive effects of the product. So I decided to launch Synofit. Nowadays, numerous pharmacies, health stores and naturopaths are selling Synofit.”

In my company, which I manage together with René den Admirant, I am responsible for sales and operations. I keep in contact with wholesalers, health shops and pharmacies, and ensure that the quality of our product is consistently high.

René den Admirant: “My goal is to establish Synofit as the most innovative nutritional supplement worldwide.”
– Managing Director & Marketing & Sales

“My passion is to build brands that are truly innovative and unique. Meanwhile, I look back on many years of experience in marketing and sales. When I got in touch with Synofit for the first time, I did a thorough research to see if the product was really special. I had never heard of this Green-lipped mussel. But users and sellers were excited, and confirmed that no product exists with such a complete formula as Synofit. Since Synofit is so unique and there is considerable consumer demand, my goal is to make it known worldwide.”

Together with my business partner Camiel Hofstee, we are the management of Synofit. In the main task, I am responsible for marketing and sales. 

About Synofit

Synofit Europe B.V. is a young Dutch marketing and sales organisation who is specialised in creating innovative and unique products for joint support. Our vision is based on “joint support” and natural products. We aim to focus on a particular segment in the market. This means that we can continue to focus on improving the quality of our products and supply our customers with a high-quality product to help maintain the healthy condition of your joints. The product is manufactured in the Netherlands in accordance with strict HACCP* standards.

(*HACCP: Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points is a systematic preventive approach to food safety and biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.) 


E-mail: info@synofit.com