Liquid Green-lipped mussel from Synofit

Why liquid?

All Synofit products are liquids, even the capsules, contain their ingredients in a liquid form. There is an important reason why Synofit has put large effort in the current formula. After all, fluids are absorbed faster and also more completely into the bloodstream since the ingredients do not have to be broken down first, as is the case with tablets or powders.

Green-lipped mussel

The Green-lipped mussel

Liquefied Green-lipped mussel: GLMax®

For this reason, only 100 percent liquid Green-lipped mussel is used for Synofit. The process for liquefying Green-lipped mussels is unique, using the whole mussel without heating, ensuring that all the active ingredients remain present without any alterations. This liquefied Green lipped mussel product is registered as GLMax®.

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