Frequently Asked Questions concerning Synofit

On this page, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Synofit. In case you have a different or additional question, please contact us through the special contact page. In case you have a specific medical question our medical staff will address the issue.


Questions about how to use Synofit Premium

What is meant by the 'build-up phase' and 'maintenance dose'?

When your joints are causing discomfort, it is advised to start with a build-up phase, usually for a period of 40-80 days. During this period, you take 3 Synofit Premium capsules or 10 ml of the liquid. We advise to start with two packages of 60 Synofit Premium Capsules or two bottles that will last exactly 40 days. If the effects of the initial dosage with Synofit Premium are satisfactory, you can start with the maintenance dose. Sometimes one can start after 40 days, but this will depend on your personal experience and therefore we recommend a full 80 days if needed. The maintenance dose is lower and therefore cheaper and our experience shows that often this dosage will be sufficient to maintain the beneficial effects on your joints. The maintenance dosage is 2 Synofit Premium Capsules a day. Sometimes the effects of Synofit are so beneficial that a maintenance dose of 1 capsule per day will be sufficient. If taking the liquid for maintenance, 5 ml a day is recommended.

Our experience shows that nearly all people who benefit from Synofit remain on the maintenance dose. Stopping inevitably leads to a recurrence of the previous joint discomfort. In that case, you will usually need to start over again with the build-up phase.

Can I temporarily stop taking Synofit in the build-up phase and continue later?

We advise to complete the build-up phase without any interruptions. This gives you the best care for your joint discomfort since the beneficial effects of the active ingredients gradually build up. Interrupting the build-up phase can therefore lead to a less than optimal effect. In case the beneficial effects are already noticeable before the period of the first 40 days, you can try to lower your dosage and start earlier than expected with the maintenance dose. However, we discourage stopping the treatment altogether since this will most likely lead to a full recurrence of your previous complaints.

Can I stay with the build-up phase for a longer period than just 80 days?

Many people feel relief after 40 days and switch to lower maintenance dose. However, in case you have not experienced any relief from your joint discomfort after 80 days, we do not advise to continue with Synofit.

Can I take Synofit Premium Capsules together with food?

We advise that you do not take Synofit Premium in combination with food, but rather before breakfast and in between meals. We advise especially that Synofit is not taken in combination with dairy products or products that contain many omega-6 fatty acids or enzymes.

Can I take Synofit Premium in combination with alcohol?

There is no problem to consume alcohol while you take Synofit Premium. However, just as with other food, it is preferable not to drink alcohol and take Synofit at the same moment.

What do I do when I have forgotten to take a dosage of Synofit?

This is a phenomenon that occurs to everybody at some time! In this case we advise to take the ‘forgotten dosage’ at a later time. For example, in case you forgot to take the morning dosage, you can take this after lunch; if you forgot the afternoon dosage, you can take it after dinner or even just before you go to bed. 

What is the shelf life of Synofit Premium Capsules?

You can find the ‘best before date’ of Synofit Premium Capsules on the package and it is not relevant whether certain capsules have been taken at a much earlier time. Synofit Premium capsules can be stored in the refrigerator; however, this is not necessary as long as they are kept at room temperature without exposure to direct sunlight.


Questions concerning possible side-effects of Synofit and use of medications

Are there any known side-effects of Synofit Premium?

Very few side-effects have been reported while taking Synofit Premium. The known side-effects are due to allergic reactions against seafood in general and specifically in some cases when there are large bile stones present. In a few cases people have reported nausea, acid burning or reflux immediately after taking Synofit. In those cases our advice is to take Synofit temporarily with a meal (which is contrary to the preferred time which is in in between meals). In most cases the side-effects will disappear. There has been no reports of serious side-effects of green-lipped mussels or interactions with medications. For curcumin, there are only reports known of side-effects in cases where there are gall stones. Apart from this there are no known side-effects, even when the intake of Synofit products is prolonged for very long period of time. We always recommend consulting your primary doctor prior to starting any dose of Synofit, and in the case you suspect any adverse side-effects.

How do I know whether certain effects are the result of taking Synofit Premium?

In individual cases, it is always possible that there is a different reaction than what is normally expected. In case of any side-effect in absence of an allergy for seafood (which can be checked by your doctor) and/or absence of gallstones, then there is only one method to detect whether these effects are the result of taking Synofit. In case you stop taking Synofit for a certain period (for example, 3 weeks) and the side-effects decrease or even disappear, then this could be an indication that these effects are related to the use of Synofit. In case you start taking Synofit again and simultaneously the side-effect reoccurs, then it is likely that these are related to Synofit. In that case, please discontinue use of the product.

Can I take Synofit Premium in combination with medicines?

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns about drug interactions. At this moment, there have been no reports from users of Synofit Premium about any problems concerning possible interaction with medications. Frequently used medications amongst users of Synofit Premium are:

• Paracetamol • NSAIDs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, etc.)
• Corticosteroids
• Tramadol
• Anticoagulants
• Antihypertensives
• Medications for diabetics
• And various other medications such as methotrexate and statins.

In general, there should be no problems when you take Synofit Premium while you are on medications with the following exceptions: In case you take thyroid medications such as levothyroxine you are advised to take Synofit Premium at least 4 hours before or after. The reason is that Synofit Premium contains calcium and iron that can interfere with the thyroid medication in case it is taken within 4 hours of taking Synofit Premium. Synofit Premium should not be taken in case you use one of the following medications since there can be an interaction of these drugs with curcumin:

Sulfalazin (used against intestinal inflammations, skin conditions and certain joint inflammations)
Talinol (used for certain cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure)
Imatinib (used for the treatment of skin cancer)
Digoxin (used for treating certain cardiac conditions such as heart failure and arrhythmias) In case you use any of these medications, do not take Synofit Premium before you have discussed this with your doctor or pharmacist. Please also read our blog about taking Synofit Premium while you take medications.

Can Synofit Premium be taken together with other food supplements?

It is very unlikely that any problems arise from the combination of Synofit Premium and other food supplements. However, we always advise to take Synofit Premium on an empty stomach or at least in between meals. This also means that Synofit Premium should not be taken together with other food supplements at the same time since this could interfere with the proper absorption of the ingredients of Synofit Premium. Synofit Premium contains low dosages of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Calcium. This means that there is no problem in case you want to take other food supplements that contain any of these ingredients unless you take these in high dosages that approach or even exceed the daily recommended dosage. In case of doubt, please consult the label of your supplements. When there are still questions, please send us the information about the various supplements including their labels and our medical department will provide you with the adequate advice. Please also read the blog about combining Synofit Premium with other food supplements and various practical tips for taking Synofit Premium.

Should I take extra glucosamine with Synofit Premium?

See also the answer to the previous question. It is safe to take extra glucosamine while you take Synofit Premium. However, do not take these simultaneously in order to avoid possible interference with the absorption of Synofit Premium. In addition, we have serious doubts about taking extra glucosamine since this has not shown any benefits in clinical research. In fact, many previous unsatisfied users of glucosamine have switched to Synofit Premium and have reported their preference for Synofit. It is also good to realize that glucosamine is a natural low-dose ingredient of green-lipped mussels and therefore also present as one of the natural ingredients of Glam® that we find in Synofit Premium. Glucosamine can be present in certain food supplements under other names such as glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin, chondroitin sulfate, MSM (or methylsulfonylmethane), hyaluronic acid and (denaturalized) collagen type 2. All these substances have not yet proven to have any beneficial effects on the health of joints. Please read our blog about the combination of Synofit with other food supplements.

I have diabetes. Can I take Synofit Premium?

There has been one report about a patient who experienced a higher than expected level of blood sugar while taking Synofit Premium. However, we know of many diabetes patients who take Synofit Premium without any interference with their blood sugar. When you have diabetes, we advise that you do some extra checks of your blood sugar during the first few days when you take Synofit Premium. In case of doubt or personal questions, please contact your medical doctor.

Where do the the green-lipped mussels grow and is there a chance that these mussels will become scarce?

We know where and how green-lipped mussels grow and there is no danger that one day we will run out of them provided we do not pollute the water of New Zealand. Green-lipped mussels need special conditions such as clean water to grow and the only area in the world with these conditions is the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand. A Green-lipped mussel farm in New Zealand Fortunately, the authorities in New Zeeland are well aware of these special circumstances and therefore the quality of the waters is continuously monitored. This means the risks that one day the green-lipped mussel will become extinct are very small. For more pictures of the green-lipped mussel farming in New Zealand: this page. In addition, we don’t have to be worried about any negative environmental affects of green-lipped mussel farming: as a result of the extensive regulations and controls, the green-lipped mussel has recently qualified as one of the eco-friendliest seafood’s in the world.

What sets the green-lipped mussels that are used for Synofit apart from other products that contain for example seemingly cheaper green-lipped mussel powder?

The differences in quality start already immediately after the green-lipped mussels are harvested. Synofit only uses only the highest quality and most expensive mussels. A significant part of the harvest is a lower quality and also these green-lipped mussels are sold to companies that use these in their food supplements. Synofit only uses the very prime quality of green-lipped mussels! In addition, there are important differences concerning how the mussels are processed into the final products. Sometimes certain compounds from green-lipped mussels are purified and concentrated, however this process invariably means that other important ingredients will be lost. For example, certain glucosamine products based on green-lipped mussels have lost all the other beneficial ingredients in the process. The same is true for omega-3 supplements based on the green-lipped mussel. There are also a variety of products available with powder that does contain all tissues from the green-lipped mussels. However, in order to produce a powder, heating usually is an integral part of the process causing proteins to denature and the destruction of the natural cohesion between the various ingredients. For these reasons, Synofit has developed their proprietary and stable green-lipped mussel liquid GLMax®. This costly process does not involve any heating at all. 

Can my physician prescribe Synofit as medication?

No. Synofit is a food supplement and not a drug. However, your physician can give you advice about taking food supplements, including Synofit.

Questions about research with Synofit

What type of research has been done with Synofit?

The first clinical research with Synofit was completed in 2014 in Ede (The Netherlands) and compared Synofit with placebo. The second research was performed in Brussels, Belgium, in 2015. You are welcome to contact us and to receive these results. On the basis of the reported initial results, we are soon starting new and more extensive clinical research in Ede. In Brussels, new research has already been initiated.

We also continuously update our own database with the experiences of Synofit users based on surveys. This shows that after the initial dosage scheme of 40 days, about 60% of the users are satisfied with Synofit Premium. After 80 days, this has further increased to 70%. We also have concluded from the data that when, after 80 days, the results of Synofit Premium have not been satisfactory, usually there is no use in continuation. In conclusion, 70% of Synofit Premium users experience satisfactory results and 30% do not.

Questions concerning the client service of Synofit USA. How do I know that Synofit USA offers good client service?

Synofit USA is an integral part of its parent Synofit Europe BV, a leader in supplements based on the green-lipped mussel based in The Netherlands. You can contact us with questions or any other issue through our website, www.synofit.com, and we will answer you as soon as possible, preferably within 2 working days. If you desire, you can provide your telephone number and we will call you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Your questions and remarks are very important to us!

Why does Synofit cost more than most other products?

Our mission is to supply our customers with the best possible product. Therefore, we do not use relatively cheap powders and extracts like most of our competitors. We strive for the absolute highest quality, both in the product itself, its ingredients, our customer service and the information we provide about our products and our service. It is for this reason that we only use green-lipped mussels that have been extracted from their shells and subsequently liquefied with an expensive ‘cold process’, which results in the proprietary GLMax® that is used in all our Synofit products. Virtually all other products use a much cheaper process that involves heating that destroys essential qualities of the mussel. There are additional reasons for the price differences such as additional liquefied active ingredients that provide an optimal and rapid absorption into the bloodstream. It is for these reasons that we believe that Synofit Premium is a unique and top-quality product. 

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