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Relaxation of the muscles and hardly any cramping of shoulders, back and body and a clear improvement of sleep; it is deeper and I am well rested when I wake up. I am more relaxed during the day. During my 2 daily rounds of walking through the Vondelpark I am grateful to all employees, scientists and technicians for discovering these natural products to make Synofit Premium liquid. I am also aware that Synofit Premium will continue to be part of my daily intake products.

- Marieke Koch

Do not have stiff fingers anymore (doctor could only operate and then still not guarantee that it would recover) and also have much less problems with my back. Excellent: I can do everything again! So I am a very satisfied user :)

- Joke van der Laan

In March last year I suddenly suffered from pain in my right knee; I started to walk bad because of the pain. Walking stairs was also becoming increasingly difficult. First tried Green-lipped mussel extract (extra strong, 500 mg) from Holland Barret, but that gave me little relief. Ultimately, however, I ordered Synofit Premium capsules and I must honestly admit that it works! After about 10-11 days I really noticed a difference! I walk normally again (also up and down the stairs); things are really getting better. I ordered again today, although the capsules are pretty pricey. But yes, physiotherapy every few weeks is also expensive if you are not insured additionally.

- Reiny

Already after 8 days my knees, ankles and hands felt smoother and the pain was much less. I take the supplement for 6 weeks now and I already have a lot of profit. Fortunately, I can move much more without pain. Synofit is highly recommended for those who suffer from painful and stiff joints.

- Mrs. De Wolf

Is fine, it works very well and I can move better. I also find the customer friendliness and delivery very good. I am very satisfied so far.

- Marion

After thinking for a long time, I have now used Synofit for almost 40 days. I first talked about it with my doctor and with the orthopedic surgeon therafter. Both did not know the compound and never heard about it. I gave the doctor a weekly magazine I’m reading and said that she had to read it. After the orthopedic surgeon said that it was always worth trying (there is still a lot of unknown), I started using Synofit. A number of complaints have been slightly reduced, of which the pain in my knee is the most important. It also seems like I'm starting up better in the morning. I intend to continue using Synofit. My family doctor I happened to speak a few days ago had studied on it and was amazed by the results.

- Marjo Jansen

I have very good experience with Synofit. An acquaintance in the Netherlands ordered it for me and she sent it to me or when she comes to Curacao she takes it with her. She will come back to Curacao in a few weeks; she will take a pack of 120 capsules with her. I just read about the Synofit joint Gel and sport Gel and I just asked her if she can take that for me too. I am very satisfied with the product. Since I use it, my pain complaints are considerably less. I have been back to my physiotherapist for two months who treated me in December 2015. It was a good progress for him. So far my experience with Synofit.

- Henry Suares, Willemstad, Curacao

I came across this product through an advertisement and thought: yeah right. Is also quite expensive, but because I want to move instead of always having pain, I have tried it anyway. This was one of the best decisions in my life. Previously, I could because I have broken my ankles three times and oozing through osteoarthritis move for only half an hour with a lot of pain. After I first bought the liquid form and then the capsules I walked much better and a week ago I made a walk of two hour without pain! Being able to do groceries without pain every day is very important and then it is worth the price, although it should go down. Dear people, what is it worth to you? Keeping money in the pocket and almost not being able to walk or running errands without pain. Incidentally, this also helps older people like me who are 68 years old. Greetings,

- Hans B.

I have been using Synofit for 2 years now and I do not have any inflamed joints after the build-up course, the pain is also as good as gone. Have had a complicated wrist fracture years ago and that sometimes comes back with overloading, otherwise I am very satisfied with Synofit and would like to continue using it. Kind regards,

- Brigitte Kappé

In view of my complaint: worn intervertebral disc (cartilage) in the lower back, I am aware that Synofit is not the solution to the problem to repair, nor if nerves get trapped with the result of inflammation. The reason I started this course was to see if Synofit had anti-inflammatory ability and noticed after 25 days that the pain was decreasing so that I could function normally. In order to combat inflammatory pain and some extra lubrication, Synofit proves that it works. In summary, it comes down to Synofit relieving the symptoms for me.

- Richard Smit

The osteoarthritis seems to be clearly decreasing and the muscle rheumatism is also decreasing, but still remains annoying.

- P.J. Holstege

 To see Synofit's ratings in the Netherlands, click here where Synofit received an 9 out of 10 from over 1878 reviews (last 12 months). 

Thousands of happy customers experience the benefits of supplementing their diets and lifestyles with natural Synofit products. Currently being sold in over 6 different European countries.

Experience shows that after 40 days, over 60% percent of users experience a noticeable benefit. This percentage rises to 70% after an 80-day trial.  

Synofit Europe was founded in 2005 by Camiel Hofstee. The original liquid formula has been around in the equestrian world for many years. The human formula however, did not begin to be marketed till 2005. Together with René den Admirant, Camiel is aiming to market Synofit globally.

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