Blackcurrant leaf (Ribes nigrum)

A forgotten child?

Blackcurrant leaf (Ribes nigrum)

During the early years of Synofit’s existence, the Blackcurrant leaf (Ribes Nigrum) was not a major focus. The most striking ingredients of Synofit are GLMax® liquid Green-lipped mussel and Bio-Curcumin BCM-95®. Despite being overshadowed, the Blackcurrant leaf was already an important ingredient of Synofit Premium's successful total formula in those early years.

About the plant Ribes nigrum

The Blackcurrant is, like the Redcurrant (Ribes Rubrum), a member of the Ribes family. The Latin name of the Blackcurrant plant is Ribes Nigrum, where 'Nigrum' refers to the dark color and 'Ribes' to the berries. The plant grows in the wild in large parts of Europe and Asia. You can also buy a plant in many garden centers, which can be planted in a soil of moss, loam, clay or sand. The berries are widely used for making Cassis. All kinds of interesting health benefits are attributed to the berries, the seeds, the leaves, and even the young flower buds. Synofit uses the leaf of the plant. The use of Blackcurrant leaves has been around for centuries.

For the joints

Studies have shown that the Blackcurrant leaf has a nourishing effect on joints, and has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect. While this has not yet been certified by the FDA, you can find more information on these studies through a quick internet search on the subject. For health professionals (medical specialists, doctors, and therapists) we have information available. Please contact us.

Quality and organic

Synofit chooses only the best quality Blackcurrant leaves. An extract is used from the Black currant leaf, in contrast to the Green-lipped mussel, which is unprocessed. This is a 1:10 extract, which means that the active substance of 10 times as much leaf is used (per daily dose, for example, Synofit Premium Liquid 180 mg leaf extract, which is extracted from 1800 mg of leaves). The most important substances involved are extra concentrated in Synofit Premium, and we only use Blackcurrant leaf that is organic. The extract Synofit uses for Synofit Premium products is Skal certified (Dutch control on biological production).

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Synofit Premium with 100 percent Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf is available in our Webshop.


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