Synofit Premium Plus EXTRA STRONG - 2x 200ml liquid (per 10ml)
GLMax® Green-lipped mussel 390mg
Bio-CM100® Curcumin 210mg

Amazing relief for people who need joint support


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The best choice for your Joint Care including muscles and connective tissues.

Synofit Premium Plus Liquid is Synofit’s most powerful product based on liquid GLMax® Green-lipped mussel. It contains Full Spectrum Curcumin (consisting of Bio-CM100® Bio-Curcumin and Turmerosaccharides),Blackcurrant leaf and Boswellia for the joints.1This formula has been No. 1 in the Netherlands for 10 years.

1Evaluation of health claims is ongoing

✓ 390 mg GLMax® Green-lipped mussel
✓ 210 mg Full Spectrum Curcumin (Bio-CM100® Bio-Curcumin and Turmerosaccharides)
 167 mg Blackcurrant leaves
 50 mg Boswellia
 New user? Advice: 80 days loading phase 10 ml/day
 Same day dispatch if ordered before 3 pm

✓ Loading Phase: For new users, there is a “loading phase” during which time a higher dose of 5ml twice a day is required, usually for a period of 40 to 80 days until the benefits of Premium Plus are felt. More often this is sooner, but 400ml during the loading phase will last 40 days, so New Users will be sent a 25% Discount Voucher for their second 400ml bottle to encourage the loading phase to be completed.
✓ Maintenance: After the “loading phase” the dose can be reduced to 2.5ml twice a day. For maintenance 400ml will last 80 days. However, the shelf life of a bottle once opened is 45 days, which is why we supply 2 x 200ml bottles. After each purchase, regular users will be sent a Loyalty Discount Voucher of 10%, which will be valid for 80 days.

Synofit Premium instructions (PDF)


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