Combining Synofit with other products

Combining Synofit with other products

Synofit Premium

Can Synofit Premium be used in combination with other food components?

When taking Synofit Premium, it is advised to take it on an empty stomach whenever possible, this ensures better absorption of the ingredients of Synofit Premium (especially Curcumin). When taken with a meal, the ingredients of Synofit Premium can “get stuck” to the food, reducing the chances that the ingredients of Synofit Premium will come into contact with the intestinal wall, and thus they will not be completely absorbed by the body.



Can Synofit Premium be used together with medication?

Most of the time the answer is yes, however, there are some known interactions we want to highlight, and we always recommend checking with your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions. Some studies have shown that an adverse interaction can arise when Curcumin is used together with sulfasalazine. Therefore, if you use sulfasalazine (which is used in intestinal diseases and sometimes also in rheumatism and joint complaints), we highly recommend you consult your pharmacist or medical doctor before purchasing Synofit Premium! The same applies to the drugs imatinib (used for leukaemia), talinolol (a beta blocker) and digoxin (used for heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia).


Are you unsure about the use of Synofit Premium in combination with your medication?

Many customers use the following drugs in combination with Synofit Premium without problems:

  • Paracetamol 
  • Painkillers of the NSAID type (ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, celecoxib, ...)
  • Gastric protectors (omeprazole, ...)Painkillers of the Corticosteroid type (tramadol, prednisone, ...)
  • Blood thinners (acenocoumarol, phenprocoumon, ...)
  • Blood pressure lowering agents (hydrochlorothiazide, ...)
  • Cholesterol-lowering agents (simvastatin, atorvastatin, ...)
  • Drugs in diabetics (metformin, ...)
  • And other drugs such as methotrexate, biologicals, ...

If you are taking a drug with levothyroxine (thyroid hormone), you should take Synofit Premium at least 4 hours before or after this medicine. This is because Synofit Premium contains small amounts of calcium and iron, which may affect the way the thyroid gland works if it is taken too quickly after each other. No further problems are to be expected when using Synofit Premium together with such drugs. In case of doubt or personal questions, you can always contact Synofit (via the contact form). You should, of course, contact your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Can Synofit Premium be combined with other food supplements?

Certain dietary supplements contain similar substances to Synofit Premium. For example, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Calcium. There are also dietary supplements with only Green-lipped mussel or only Curcumin. The same applies to and Blackcurrant leaf. The Green-lipped mussel also naturally contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Omega-3 fatty acids.

It is not harmful to (continue to) use these supplements if you want to use Synofit Premium. However, it is questionable to what extent it is still necessary to continue using these supplements. The latter applies to Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin, Blackcurrant leaf, Boswellia, Vitamin D3, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Omega-3 fatty acids (also fish oil). Synofit Premium is a complete supplement of top quality for the joints and in a liquid form, in addition to which your joints should need absolutely no additional supplements. If you use a high dose of Vitamin C or Calcium, for example for immune system or bone support, it may be useful to continue this in parallel to Synofit.

The dosage of these nutrients in Synofit Premium is rather low (64% and 2.8% of the daily intake). At the same time, this means that using Synofit Premium in parallel with a high-dose Vitamin C or a Calcium supplement will not rapidly result in an overdose: the risks are near zero.

For some substances in Synofit Premium, the recommended maximum per day dosage is determined:

  • Vitamin D: up to 50 μg per day, according to EFSA even 100 μg per day (in Synofit Premium: 5 μg)
  • Calcium: up to 2500 mg per day (in Synofit Premium: 22.3 mg)
  • Vitamin C: up to 2000 mg per day (in Synofit Premium Liquid: 49 mg / in Synofit Premium Capsules: 51 mg)
  • Vitamin E: up to 300 mg per day (in Synofit Premium Liquid: 5 mg / in Synofit Premium Capsules: 4.5 mg)

So, if you use other supplements with Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin C or Vitamin E in addition to Synofit Premium, please put all ingredient tables side by side and calculate your daily intake. This way you can check for yourself whether you will come close to a maximum per day dosage. As always, if you have any concerns please check with your pharmacist, medical doctor, or by contacting us directly via the contact form.


Synofit Joint Gel

Synofit Joint Gel can be combined with almost every compound. It acts locally and therefore no interaction with medicines, food or dietary supplements should occur.


Purchase Green-lipped mussel from our Synofit webshop

Synofit Premium with 100 percent Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf is available in our Webshop.


 Synofit Premium Capsules  Synofit Premium Liquid
✓ Containing the liquid Synofit formula
✓ The original liquid Synofit formula
✓ Contains no Boswellia
✓ Contains Boswellia
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Liquid formula, no swallowing pills
✓ Shelf life: approximately 3 years
✓ Shelf life: 45 days after opening
✓ Initial dosage: 3 capsules per day
Initial dosage (40-80 days): 10 ml a day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 2 capsules per day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 5 ml a day
✓ No sweeteners, aroma or conservation
✓ Storage: cool, dark place (preferably fridge)
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