Are there allergens in Synofit?

Are there allergens in Synofit?

When you are intolerant of certain substances, you need to pay close attention to the presence of ingredients in food and other products that you come in contact with. An allergic reaction is not only annoying, in some cases, it can be dangerous.

Allergens in food

There are 14 allergens that need to be mentioned on food labels label when these are present: fish, gluten, soy, egg, milk, shell fish, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, lupin, mustard, sulfur dioxide and molluscs. Synofit Premium contains the Green Lipped Mussel, which belongs to the family of molluscs. This is clearly mentioned on the label. When you have an allergy for mussels (or molluscs in general), then we advise you to read the blog about allergies for mussels. If you have experienced a severe allergic reaction, such as unconsciousness or shock, after the consumption of certain shell fish or molluscs, we advise not to use Synofit.

Are there any fish derived ingredients in the capsules?

When you study the packages that contain any type of Synofit capsules, you will notice that ‘fish’ is listed as one of the ingredients. The outer part of the capsules contains gelatin, which is derived from fish. Allergies for fish gelatin do exist, but are extremely rare. Nevertheless, we thought it best to include it on our packaging.

allergens in Synofit

Synofit can be used by people who have a gluten or lactose intolerance. In addition, Synofit products are virtually sugar free

Is Synofit completely free from gluten and lactose?

Yes, Synofit is gluten and Lactose free! When neither gluten nor lactose are used as an ingredient, you do not have to list these as ingredients on the label. However, this does not guarantee that there are no traces of these compounds. There could still be cross contamination in the production line, when other products are produced in the same location. This does not happen in the factory where Synofit is produced! No other production involving gluten and lactose takes place on our production lines. In addition, we always do controls in our laboratories for the presence of allergens in Synofit products.

Gluten in Synofit

These controls show that all Synofit products, both liquids and capsules, contain less gluten than the detection limit (5 milligrams gluten per kilogram). This means that we are able to state that Synofit products are gluten free.

Lactose in Synofit

Synofit Premium Liquid contains less than the meaurable detection limit (20 milligrams per kilogram). Synofit Premium Capsules contain 72 milligrams lactose per kilogram. Most people who have a lactose intolerance can tolerate lactose up to an amount of 12,000 milligrams. A Synofit Premium Capsule contains 100,000 times less lactose than 12,000 milligrams. People who suffer from the much rarer galactosemia can only tolerate 25 milligrams of lactose per 100 kcal of food.
  • Synofit Premium Liquid contains less than 5.1 milligrams of lactose per Kcal.
  • Synofit Premium Capsules 1.4 milligrams per Kcal.

Based on this no problems should be expected. (see blog). In conclusion, both people with lactose intolerance and galactosemia can use all Synofit products safely. This also falls within the parameters to list our products as lactose free.

Allergens in Synofit gel

Synofit gel is for external use only. Therefore most people with an allergy to molluscs can use the gel without problems, despite the fact that it contains Green Lipped Mussels. We do advise, when you have an allergy, to avoid all contact with your eyes or any wounds that you might have. In some rare cases, additives in the gel can lead to skin allergies. These additives are mentioned on the label. Please consult the label before you use the gel in case you have a known allergy to any commonly used additives in gels, creams or ointments. The FDA has adopted < 20 ppm gluten as one of the criteria for a food to be labeled gluten-free. Research from the Center for Celiac Research has shown that 10 milligrams of gluten are safe to consume for most people with Celiac disease.


Purchase Green-lipped mussel from our Synofit webshop

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 Synofit Premium Capsules  Synofit Premium Liquid
✓ Containing the liquid Synofit formula
✓ The original liquid Synofit formula
✓ Contains no Boswellia
✓ Contains Boswellia
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Liquid formula, no swallowing pills
✓ Shelf life: approximately 3 years
✓ Shelf life: 45 days after opening
✓ Initial dosage: 3 capsules per day
Initial dosage (40-80 days): 10 ml a day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 2 capsules per day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 5 ml a day
✓ No sweeteners, aroma or conservation
✓ Storage: cool, dark place (preferably fridge)
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